The day has come! Say “HAI” to the new shape of the Ramex Hose Reels, the latest achievement of the Hose Reels Market! The new Ramex design, the best of the Ramex vision! That’s what the Hai line is all about! Attractive, sexy, super performant, nature addicted, strong and smart: all the best values of Ramex concentrated together. The new Hose Reels line of the HR series, a new design, ready to rock even the most challenging applications. Same Ramex quality, same Ramex philosophy, but even more resistant and more appealing! What’s new? A new design, inspired by the Automotive world and that recalls the natural lines of one of the most noble, strong and performant animals: the shark. The new design elements reported on the disk, give our retractable reels and even major stability and ergonomics and an absolute identity and recognizability. The Market is looking forward to the new HR HAI Line!