In our -ever-intensifying- cooperation, we have experienced Ramex to be a true partner. The standard hose reel product range is of good quality and, whenever the situation does not allow a standard hose reel to be used, Ramex is always very helpful in finding a good solution. The technical support Ramex offers is of a very high standard. All in all, a much-appreciated supplier and partner.

We have had Ramex hose reels and chemical sprayers for many years and are very satisfied with the finish, the number of variations, and of course the quality of products. I've rated 4 stars due too make sure Ramex still wants to get even better.

We have been selling only Ramex products for more than 20 years on the French and have always dealt with a high class and a high performance industrial producer. Innovation, quality, marketing and sales support, partnership have always been on the top. Looking forward to continuing for at least another 20 years.

KIOWA have been a partner of Ramex for 6 years. During which time we have experienced a first class, flexible, friendly service. Technical support is dynamic and innovative. The products Ramex produce are of marketing leading quality and fit multiple applications. Additionally, Ramex offer be-spoke solutions that are tailored to the end users needs. Thank you for your support, we at KIOWA look forward to continuing our valuable partnership.

We, the team from the hygiene market in Germany, have been buying and selling Ramex products for 10 years. The quality of the items, such as the hose reels, is very good, the service very friendly and there have never been any problems. The company Ramex is a very reliable success guarantee for us. We hope that we can continue to increase our sales with the Ramex product range in the future. For the next 10 years!

We have imported Ramex reels to Sweden since beginning of year 2000.Ramex reels have high quality and long lifetime, even more with the new saftey brake. We looking forward to a long and good relationship with Ramex.

We are located in the Netherlands and we are importing the RAMEX reels for many, many years now. And I must say that we never had problems about quality etc. The company RAMEX is very reliable on deliverytimes and their technical support is just excellent. Also our customers (distributors) are very happy about RAMEX and they all prefer to sell the RAMEX reels. Ofcourse we - as importer - like that very much. We are looking forward having good business with RAMEX for many, many years. Best regards, Hans

I have been a customer of Ramex for around 10 years, and they have really proven to be a very international company with high quality products and competitive prices. They have a very Lean production setup in their new headquarters, and their handling of orders, inquiries etc. is very professional and fast. They have very innovative products, and are always ready to do new product devolpment together with their customers. I can only give my best recommendations for dealing with Ramex.